HILLS Properties Partners with Cincinnati Electric Mobility Company Electrada to Bring Electric Vehicle Charging to Its Residents

Cincinnati, OH – November 20, 2020 – HILLS Properties, a Blue Ash-based developer, builder, and manager of apartments, has partnered with Electrada, a Cincinnati-based electric mobility start-up to bring electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure to the residents of Allure Luxury Apartments in Centerville. The stations are supplied by FLO | AddEnergie, a leading North American charging network and provider of smart charging software and equipment.  

“Currently we have residents driving electric vehicles and see that many more EV models are expected to come on the market over the next few years. At HILLS, we are looking forward to offering charging stations as a service for our residents at the convenience of their apartment home here at Allure Luxury Apartments. We project to expand the deployment of EV charging stations to our portfolio of properties in the future as our residents continue to adopt cleaner transportation options,” stated Louis Guttman, CEO.  

“The residential segment is critical in developing reliable and ubiquitous EV charging infrastructure for our communities, as many drivers prefer to recharge where they routinely park. Being able to reliably charge at home enables consumers to switch to a cleaner and more sustainable vehicle choice with confidence,” said Kevin Kushman, Electrada’s CEO.  

Launched earlier this year, Electrada invests in and operates EV charging infrastructure as a high-reliability, affordable and convenient turnkey service to drivers, property owners, developers, employers, and fleet owners across the Midwest region. The company is working with cities, workplaces, residences, parking facilities and fleet operators to deliver a high-performing, community-focused charging solution for EV drivers where they live, work, shop, and play. 

EV driver access, real-time station availability and payment for charging is managed through the free FLO app, downloaded to a smartphone from the App Store or Google Play. Drivers will also be able to locate and use other FLO charging stations and partner networks and view their usage data in real-time. 

About HILLS Properties 

HILLS has cultivated a comprehensive real estate firm that is dedicated to providing cutting-edge services.  Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, our team of professionals work in unison to purchase land, entitle, develop, construct, and manage multifamily apartment projects across the U.S. and commercial property in Cincinnati, Ohio. Learn more at www.hillsproperties.com

About Electrada

Electrada, LLC was launched in Cincinnati in 2020 to capitalize and operate electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure as an affordable and convenient service to drivers, property owners, developers and employers in the Midwest. Electrada partners with cities and municipalities, workplaces, residences, retail outlets, parking facilities and fleet owners to deliver the region’s highest-performance, community-focused EV charging network and equipment. Electrada’s success is linked to improving access to clean, affordable mobility solutions for all community stakeholders. Learn more at electrada.com