9/18: Join Our Virtual Session for the Midwest Green Transportation Forum

The Midwest Green Transportation Forum, held by Clean Fuels Ohio, is starting next week. Please join the virtual session on September 18th, 1-2 pm ET, to hear from Electrada, LLC and others on Models & Best Practices for Residential and Workplace EV Charging.

Models & Best Practices for Residential & Workplace EV Charging

Friday, September 18, 2020 — 1:00-2:00p ET

Residential charging remains a critical need to facilitate growth in EV ownership. Lack of reliable access to a plug at home undermines three ingredients of the EV value proposition – low cost, convenience, and reliability. Up to a third or even half of people in many urban markets still lack the ability to plug in their car at home. Some reside in multi-unit dwellings (MUDs) and others in neighborhoods where most or all people park at the curb. The workplace may substitute but only if the charging resource is reliable and employment is stable long-term. It also can offer value to the employer and building owner as an appealing amenity. Over time, charging at workplaces and other commercial buildings will generate additional value streams by regulating the grid or managing peak power demands in buildings. In this session, you will learn best practices, models, and opportunities related to residential and workplace charging. 

Moderator: Ann Vail, Executive Director, Louisiana Clean Fuels​


  • Nicole Lepre, Policy Analyst, Atlas Public Policy
  • Kevin Kushman, CEO, Electrada
  • Shanna Brownstein, Senior Manager, Transportation Electrification, Portland General Electric
  • David Slutzky, President & CEO, Fermata Energy