Preparing our cities and municipalities for the coming mass market of electric vehicles has never been more timely. Electric mobility is an essential building block of a sustainable transportation paradigm for a Smart City in the 21st century. As city and municipal leaders, you play an important role in educating the public and championing electric transport to meet the sustainable economic development and environmental goals for your community. Easy-access, high-performance electric mobility infrastructure is a strong signal to employers and residents that your community intends to pursue a cleaner, smarter approach to transportation and elevate the quality of life, equitably.

As your local partner, Electrada is forging ahead by coordinating with our region’s cities and municipalities to optimize deployment of EV charging infrastructure and align its rollout with the rising number of EVs on the road to avoid bottlenecks and meet consumer demand.

The sporadic, “early adopter” model, built on grant funding and often with the best intentions, has resulted in inadequate charging station design and inconsistent performance and placement, potentially detering EV adoption rather than stimulating it. Electrada’s approach is different. As a Cincinnati company with a long-term investment vision to build a functional network of charging nodes, Electrada is a transparent, seasoned partner for municipal entities as stewards of the public trust.

Our model provides best-in-class EV charging equipment and services, based on rigorous field research and predictive analytics to ensure that once installed, the chargers will be highly visible, easy to access, connected with other amenities in the surrounding area, and less likely to be outmoded or marginalized. Electrada’s solution is customized for your city’s or municipality’s needs and structurally flexible to accommodate various forms of public-private partnership, notably not requiring public capital expenditure.