Workplace EV charging is set to become the highest growth segment outside of home, with an estimated demand for 1.2 million charging ports to be installed in the U.S. by 2030. Environmentally and community-conscious employees will demand that employers support their desire to adopt clean transportation. This means that employers need to anticipate installing EV charging infrastructure on their campuses and in employee parking facilities to demonstrate:

  • Alignment of your company’s sustainability strategy through “walking the talk” action at your corporate locations.
  • Awareness of the global transition of transport to electric, now underway.
  • Preparedness to offer EV charging to a growing number of EV drivers among your employees.
  • Competitive positioning to attract and retain valuable employees by being both technologically savvy and environmentally conscious.

Electrada will be there as a long-term, reliable partner for employers. Whether your workforce is located at a single facility or at multiple locations, we will help correctly assess the current and future need for EV infrastructure with a portfolio approach that deploys the optimal charging equipment to meet your employees’ needs, while maintaining and even upgrading this equipment to ensure you always remain technologically cutting-edge. We will offer this customized solution at no capital cost to you, on the basis of financial terms that best fit your requirements in the immediate- and long-term. Further, we can integrate EV charging into an overall clean energy implementation strategy for your firm.