Power Your EV Fleet With Electrada. 
The Complete Electric Fuel Solution.

Our 360 Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) frees you from all capital, performance and price risk—allowing you to power your EV fleet with control and confidence.

Seamlessly Transition Your Fleet to Electric Fuel.

Electrada takes the cost and complexity out of the fleet electrification equation. We cover 100% of your fleet’s EV charging infrastructure and equipment costs. Then continue to deliver performance and reliability that traditional approaches can’t match.

100 Percent Capitalized

100% Capitalized

We design, build, own and manage your electric fuel solution at no capital cost to you.
99 Percent Uptime

99% Uptime

We ensure virtually uninterrupted EV charging capability.

Guaranteed Performance

Guaranteed Performance

Our industry-leading SLA mitigates equipment reliability risk.

Predictable Pricing

Predictable Pricing

Your cost for electric fuel will never increase for the length of your contract.

Why 360 CaaS?

End-to-end Electric Fuel

As a fully end-to-end electric fuel solution, 360 CaaS addresses every aspect of your EV charging infrastructure—including financing, design, construction, operation, maintenance and support.

Easily Implemented

We partner with industry-leading names in the EVSE, utility, automotive OEM and fleet management sectors, so 360 CaaS can be implemented at any stage of your electrification journey.


Run the Numbers

See what your electric fuel costs could be with 360 CaaS from day one…and for years to come.

Energizing EV Fleets Across All Industries.

360 CaaS is an electric fuel solution that’s tailored to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of use cases and sectors. 


Natural Resources



Food Service



Transportation/ Logistics

Business/Home Services

Business/Home Services

360 Caas in action

We’re proud to provide a complete electric fuel solution for those who are leading the way to a more sustainable transportation future.

Vanderbilt University

Our Partners

Our partners are recognized leaders in the automotive, EVSE, energy, and fleet management sectors.

We work together to give you access to world-class technology, service and support that helps drive the evolution of your sustainable fleet.

News & Resources

The e-mobility landscape is changing rapidly. We’re here to help you stay informed with the latest blogs, news, case studies and more.

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About Electrada

The Electrada team has deep expertise in e-mobility and adjacent industries—allowing us to deliver a truly complete, holistic electric fuel solution to fleets.

Additionally, we are backed by BlackRock, a global investment company with more than $10 trillion of assets under management, and a recognized leader in clean energy infrastructure investing.