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Partnership to support customers of Daimler Truck in North America in their transformation to sustainable transportation.
September 28, 2023
Delve into the holistic approach to eMobility solutions, where the focus is not just on deploying EVs, but also on robust charging infrastructure, strategic energy procurement, and transparent reporting.
September 27, 2023
Transitioning to electric fleets presents complex challenges. Explore four pivotal considerations that can guide your fleet electrification plan and help avoid analysis paralysis.
September 7, 2023
Fleet Management Weekly asks Electrada CEO Kevin Kushman if EVs will overwhelm the grid. Have a listen to Kevin's response, which separates fact from fiction on this critical question for fleet electrification.
August 23, 2023
There is no one-size-fits-all approach to fleet EV charging infrastructure, but smart and early planning ensures implementation success, cost reductions, and meaningful results.
August 22, 2023
Listen to Electrada CEO Kevin Kushman on the Fleet FYI podcast, addressing the critical question of how fleets can effectively tackle the challenges of EV infrastructure procurement.
August 18, 2023
Navigate California's EV charging landscape, learn about fleet electrification incentives, mandates, and how Electrada simplifies your transition to EVs.
August 8, 2023
Burns Engineering Inc. hosted a webinar on innovative financing solutions to achieve zero-emission vehicle fleets.
July 30, 2023
Electrada CEO, Kevin Kushman recently sat down with Fleet Management Weekly to discuss the benefits of fleets partnering with Electrada to convert to EVs.
July 4, 2023
The most innovative, effective, and low-risk way to seamlessly transition your fleet to electric fuel, Electrada's 360 CaaS reduces fleet fuel cost per mile from day one — guaranteed.
July 3, 2023
Electrada CEO, Kevin Kushman, explains how 360 CaaS is sustainability with an ROI.
July 3, 2023
Should you electrify your fleet yourself or opt for Electrada's 360 Charging-as-a-Service solution? Explore the pros and cons to make an informed decision for your business.
July 3, 2023