360 Charging-as-a- Service (CaaS).

Your Complete Electric Fuel Solution.

100% Performance. Zero Out of Pocket.

Our 360 CaaS is technology agnostic, so we can design, build and operate a complete electric fuel solution that’s customized to your fleet’s real-world use cases. And we cover 100% of the infrastructure and equipment capital costs, along with providing all management and maintenance.

Factoring in your electric fuel costs, you’ll have the potential to generate up to 70% in lifetime savings compared to doing it yourself.

100 Percent Capitalized

100% Capitalized

We design, build, own and manage your electric fuel solution at no capital cost to you.
99 Percent Uptime

99% Uptime

We ensure virtually uninterrupted EV charging capability.

Guaranteed Performance

Guaranteed Performance

Our industry-leading SLA mitigates equipment reliability risk.

Predictable Pricing

Predictable Pricing

Your cost for electric fuel will never increase for the length of your contract.

24/7/365 Fleet Intelligence.

Our advanced software layer provides 24/7/365 fleet intelligence to optimize your energy usage.

Our Approach. Your Advantage.

Our comprehensive and precision-coordinated process is the most innovative, effective and low-risk way to transition your fleet to electric fuel.

5 Steps to Electrifying Your Fleet 5 Steps to Electrifying Your Fleet


Analyze your real-world fleet use cases and EV charging requirements.

  • Review your EV selection, specs and EV transition roadmap
  • Translate your fleet routes, duty cycles and operating requirements to electric fuel demand
  • Develop a multi-year electrification program that matches charging capacity to projected requirement
  • Evaluate your site portfolio and prioritize locations based on ROI, utility and operational considerations


Design your customized EV conversion program, timetable and energy strategy milestones.

  • Design and engineer your customized EV charging solution for each site
  • Manage all utility interface for each site
  • Merge incentives, system costs, and energy supply into the lowest cost/KWh
  • Propose a performance-backed, capitalized electric fuel program


Build your EV charging infrastructure solution.

  • Complete final design for your site
  • Select optimal EV charging tech for your fleet use case
  • Secure all required site permits and utility interconnections
  • Manage site construction and system deployment


Electrify your fleet with a reduced fuel cost per mile from day one.

  • Commission your new EV charging depot
  • Ensure interoperability between vehicle, infrastructure, and energy provider
  • Onboard and train your onsite team
  • Go live with electric fuel


Manage the performance of your charging infrastructure for the life of the relationship.

  • Operate and maintain your portfolio of charging systems and related assets
  • Provide infrastructure performance intelligence 24/7/365
  • Provide ongoing EV charging support, upgrades, and site expansions
  • Provide utility-grade/99% uptime for each site

How 360 CaaS is Different

Not all CaaS solutions are alike. Learn how Electrada’s 360 CaaS compares to other offerings along key criteria by hovering your cursor over each column. Want to dig deeper into the 360 CaaS advantage? Get in touch with us.

End-to-end EV charging solution
$0 system Capex by fleet owner
Contracted and predictable electric fuel pricing
Day 1 savings vs. liquid fuel
Industry-leading performance guarantee
Technology agnostic
100% managed operation and maintenance
Dynamically optimized and load balanced charging
All energy and microgrid enablement
= Offered = Not offered = Capabilities not publicly disclosed or uncertain

Diverse Sector Experience That Delivers Results.

The Electrada team has decades of expertise in industries that are core to the e-mobility revolution: utility, energy, microgrid, transportation, asset development and others. This depth allows us to seamlessly employ and manage the many components needed to deliver a truly complete, robust and reliable electric fuel solution.

Electrada is backed by BlackRock, the undisputed leader in clean energy infrastructure investing.


Run the Numbers

See what your electric fuel costs could be with 360 CaaS from day one…and for years to come.

Energizing EV Fleets Across All Industries.

360 CaaS is an electric fuel solution that’s tailored to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of use cases and sectors.


Natural Resources



Food Service



Transportation/ Logistics

Business/Home Services

Business/Home Services

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