How Electrada Uses AI-powered Energy Management to Reduce Fleet Operational Costs

Discover how Electrada revolutionizes fleet EV charging through reliable, efficient, and technologically advanced solutions such as Ampcontrol’s AI-powered energy management platform, ensuring operational excellence in power management.

Electrada is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient managed charging services for our EV fleet customers. This commitment involves ensuring access to charger data and robust monitoring systems for optimal performance. Focused on managing energy and power effectively, Electrada uses safe and scalable software solutions like from partners like Ampcontrol to achieve operational excellence. Listen to CEO Kevin Kushman discuss the value this provides to our customers in our EV charging infrastructure deployments.

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Fleet electrification doesn’t have to be costly and complicated.

Regardless of where you are on your fleet electrification journey, let us guide you through a seamless, 360 CaaS fuel solution that works best for your fleet.