Findlay Market Taps Cincinnati Startup Electrada to Install State-of-the-Art Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Iconic Venue

New equipment addresses growing demand among Findlay Market customers, connects EV drivers to FLO Network for easy access

CINCINNATI, OH – OCTOBER 2, 2020 – Electrada, a Cincinnati electric mobility startup specializing in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, has been tapped by Findlay Market to install two new EV charging stations at the iconic Over-the-Rhine venue. The stations are provided by FLO | AddEnergie, a leading North American charging network and a major provider of smart charging software and equipment. A ribbon-cutting celebration was held at Findlay Market today to unveil the new state-of-the art equipment with local partners, government leaders and Findlay Market visitors.

New Findlay Market Charging Stations

“We’re so excited to share this new technology with our customers and to do our part to help the region embrace the transition to clean mobility and sustainable transportation,” said Joe Hansbauer, President and CEO, the Corporation for Findlay Market. “Electrada has created a solution for us at the intersection of innovative technology, environmental friendliness and customer convenience. And we get the chance to support a Cincinnati startup with big plans to revolutionize the way our community thinks about electric vehicles. It’s a significant win for everyone.”

Launched earlier this year, Electrada installs and operates EV charging infrastructure as an affordable and convenient service to drivers, property owners, developers, employers and fleet owners in Cincinnati and across the Midwest. The company partners with cities, workplaces, residences, retail outlets, parking facilities and fleet operators to deliver a high-performing, community-focused charging solution for EV drivers where they live, work, shop and play.

“Electrada is exactly the type of innovator Cincinnati needs right now,” said Mark Policinski, CEO, Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana (OKI) Regional Council of Governments. “City and state governments are looking for clean energy alternatives that are reliable and affordable, and appeal to a growing number of residents. And in these challenging economic times, private startups like Electrada are leading the way in delivering clean transportation infrastructure options for the entire region.”

Mark Policinski, CEO, Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana (OKI) Regional Council of Governments

“Our success is directly linked to improving access to clean, affordable mobility solutions for the entire community,” said Kevin Kushman, CEO, Electrada. “The electric vehicle market is growing rapidly, but we know it can only grow as quickly as the charging infrastructure network that grows along with it. Our research has shown an incredible appetite among businesses, government leaders, building owners and drivers for a more robust charging ecosystem that supports EVs. It’s our mission to build it.”

Kevin Kushman, CEO, Electrada

Electrada’s public-private partnership model provides for close collaboration with local communities to evaluate potential charging sites, right-size the charging capacity based on projected demand, and provide service where uptime and reliability will be assured. Electrada owns, operates and maintains the EV charging equipment installed at Findlay Market, which hosts upwards of 6,000 visitors a day during normal weekend times. It works with FLO, an established EV charging network and equipment provider, whose commitment to reliability and robustness had made it the perfect partner for Electrada in the region. In addition, the FLO Network gives EV drivers access to one of the largest charging networks in North America.

“FLO, along with its parent company AddEnergie, enables half a million charging events each month, powered by more than 30,000 of our own high-quality stations that can be found in public, commercial and residential installations. We are excited to bring our proven technology to Findlay Market and look forward to becoming a part of EV drivers’ charging habits in the region,” said Louis Tremblay, CEO and President, FLO | AddEnergie. “Electrada shares our philosophy that EV charging must be extremely reliable today and for the long term. We’re thrilled to introduce a lasting transformation of the EV driver experience at Findlay Market, and across Cincinnati and the Midwest, one installation at a time.”

To access the FLO Network, EV drivers simply need to download the free FLO app on their smartphones from the App Store or Google Play, set up a user account, and add funds with a credit card. Drivers will also be able to locate and use other FLO charging stations and partner networks, and view their usage data in real-time. For property owners like Findlay Market, Electrada is more than just an installation partner, and will also maintain and optimize the equipment going forward. With FLO’s smart technology, charging stations are continually monitored and issues related to EV charger functionality are typically identified, diagnosed and resolved before EV drivers even encounter them. A team of technicians is available 24/7 to resolve any larger concerns immediately.

Electrada Team at Findlay Market — October 2, 2020

“The City has been promoting electric vehicles since 2008 and has committed to having a 100% electric fleet by 2035,” added Larry Falkin, Director, City of Cincinnati Office of Environment and Sustainability. “Everyone knows EVs are cleaner, quieter, and more reliable than conventional cars. Many people don’t know that, in total cost of ownership, they are also the most affordable cars. There is no longer any reason to settle for a gas-powered car.”

About Electrada
Electrada, LLC was launched in Cincinnati in 2020 to capitalize and operate electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure as an affordable and convenient service to drivers, property owners, developers and employers in the Midwest. Electrada partners with cities and municipalities, workplaces, residences, retail outlets, parking facilities and fleet owners to deliver the region’s highest-performance, community-focused EV charging network and equipment. Electrada’s success is linked to improving access to clean, affordable mobility solutions for all community stakeholders. Learn more at

About FLO
FLO is a leading North American charging network for electric vehicles and a major provider of smart charging software and equipment. Every month, FLO and its parent company, AddEnergie, enable approximately half a million charging events and the transfer of 7.5 GWh in electricity, thanks to 30,000 high-quality stations deployed on public networks, commercial and residential installations. FLO’s headquarters and network operations center are based in Quebec City, and AddEnergie’s assembly plant is located in Shawinigan (Quebec). The company also has regional offices in Montreal (Quebec), Mississauga (Ontario), Vancouver (British Columbia) and Rochester (New York). For more information, visit

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