Strategically Aligning EV Adoption & Charging Infrastructure: 6 Proactive Approaches for Fleet Electrification

Explore how proactive strategies in EV charging infrastructure can lead to seamless fleet electrification, and learn why aftermarket EVSE should never be an afterthought.

Strategically Aligning EV Adoption & Charging Infrastructure 6 Proactive Approaches for Fleet Electrification

The journey toward fleet electrification involves intricate considerations around charging infrastructure, far surpassing a mere plug-and-play approach. It’s clear that relying on off-the-shelf or aftermarket Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) can pose significant integration challenges for fleets. Tailored solutions are necessary for ensuring both seamless performance and maximum uptime.

With insights from McKinsey & Company projecting the fleet-charging services market in the U.S. to potentially reach $15 billion annually by 2030, we pinpoint six proactive approaches to synchronize charging infrastructure with fleet operations and avoid costly missteps.

  1. The Aftermarket Dilemma: Assessing OEM Limitations
    Turning to vehicle Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) or dealers for aftermarket EVSE may seem convenient, but such services often lack the specialized electric fuel expertise essential for EV charging success. Fleets need to consider dedicated solutions that address this shortfall.
  2. Forward Planning: Synchronizing EV and Charging Infrastructure Strategies
    A forward-thinking approach is critical for fleets transitioning to EVs. Developing an EV charging strategy should start alongside, or even before, acquiring EVs to avoid the pitfall of resorting to aftermarket Webinar solutions. An in-depth understanding of the EV models selected for the fleet ensures compatibility and efficiency in charging infrastructure.
  3. Navigating the EVSE Landscape: Making a Lasting Commitment
    Fleets must navigate a burgeoning array of EVSE providers, a decision that involves significant investment, as depicted in the following diagram. The rapid evolution of the industry and the regular introduction of advanced EVSE models pose risks of obsolescence, underscoring the importance of a thoughtful selection process.
SDGE Power Your Drive for Fleets
Source: SDGE Power Your Drive for Fleets
  1. Connector Choices and Software Selection: Compatibility and Control
    Choosing the right connector type and software for charge management, control, and reporting is a complex decision, crucial for operational efficiency. Just as with EVSE hardware, selecting the right software should not be left as an afterthought or limited to aftermarket options.
EV Expert Connector Types
Source: EV Expert Connector Types for EV Charging Around the World
  1. Understanding Electric Fuel Costs: The Edge of Stability and Affordability
    Although the initial outlay for EVSE can be significant, electric fuel typically offers lower and more stable prices compared to traditional gasoline or diesel. Moreover, the higher efficiency of EVs positions electrified fleets as a cornerstone in achieving comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) objectives.
AFDC Electric Fleets
Source: AFDC Electric Fleets

Electrada’s 360 CaaS Solution: A Technology-Agnostic Approach

Electrada delivers a technology-agnostic 360 Charging as a Service (CaaS) model, giving fleets access to a meticulously vetted selection of EVSE — not just any aftermarket equipment. Our solution ensures performance and ease of use, freeing our customers from the intricacies of technical evaluations. With our 99% uptime guarantee, fleets can focus on their operations, confident in the reliability of their electric fuel provisioning managed by Electrada. Get in touch to find out how Electrada’s 360 CaaS can seamlessly power your electric fleet.

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Fleet electrification doesn’t have to be costly and complicated.

Regardless of where you are on your fleet electrification journey, let us guide you through a seamless, 360 CaaS fuel solution that works best for your fleet.